After the exhibition's closing time and at sunset, the sound installation 'Void' starts to play.
A composition is assigned to a system of eight speakers that address the specific acoustics of the separate rooms and corners of the building. The basis for this composition is noise, recorded from a VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio; a receiver which is sensitive within the bandwidth of 3 to 30 Kilohertz, the segment where atmospheric radiation, sun activity and other nature related electromagnetic forms of radiation appears. But also the radiation from a variety of devices like streetlights, WiFi- and Internet equipment and mobile phones is audible on the radio.

The entanglement of sounds, added up to this particular noise, occupies the spaces of Kunsthal 45 in the absence of an audience. A work, which exists trough the withdrawal of the public ear.

The Schrödinger’s Cat -like role of 'Void' deals with the problematics of the ontological experiences usually linked to art and certainly to sound art (where the 'playing' - of the audio - is allied exclusively with 'public'). It's been issued in an environment that is heavily suffering from a shrinking population in conjunction with a decreasing economics and a lack of direction in government.

Eight-channel sound installation with two sub woofers and six broadband speakers, positioned in the various rooms of Kunsthal 45, time switch, makeshift VLF radio.


Take Aim Aimless

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Kunsthal, Den Helder. (2015)
(click here for picture of VLF receiver)