In the exhibition The Derailment of the Usual, Devens appears as an artist, but also as a curator, teacher and performer. His own work is shown in the long side rooms, and includes a new production developed especially for this exhibition. For the other rooms, he and co-curator Eline Kersten (1994, Maastricht) invited two artists with whom Devens feels an affinity and whose work has much in common with his own. Lis Rhodes (1942, United Kingdom) is an artist and activist who has engaged with politics throughout her working life, using cinema and sound in doing so. The Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin (1980) creates political and activist work concerning historical events. Together, they represent several generations of artists from different parts of the world who work with sound. The artworks exhibited here enter into a dialogue based on the view that sound is anchored in a social, activist and political reality.


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The Derailment of the usual & Derailed Sounds
Bonnefantenmuseum 3rd floor and BFF)
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