Founded in 2016, this collective produces music and installations in a variety of occasions and spaces. Otomax consists of the artists Nika Schmitt, Fran Hoebergen, Mike Moonen and Paul Devens. Otomax's productions are always the sum of input from each individual member, and the process is done through improvisation. The group establishes a connection with prevailing (pop) culture through irony. The materials used are second-hand, homemade, or converted. Installations like 'Oto' and 'Half full, half empty, were on show at Bureau Europa (Maastrict) and De Domijnen / Het Domein (Sittard), performances were at festivals like Kolla (LU), Klang Moor Schopfen, Gais (CH), KittenRave LBB, Maastricht and Pulp, Sittard, in art spaces like Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, Onomatopee, Eindhoven, Jan van Eyck Academy, Willem Twee, Den Bosch, etc.


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