Electro Acoustic performances and studio sessions are based upon experiments with pre-recorded sounds, electronic sounds from digital- and analogue synthesis, circuit-bent instrumental sounds and sounds from percussion instruments. The use of make-shift instruments is often a necessity; thus, non conventional and unheard sounds can be gained. The submerging quality of ambient, the bold energy of noise, the freedom of impro, the shapes from musique concrete and contemporary music as wel as the conceptual considerations of soundscape ecology, all serve the research and the expression.
Several albums had been released on cassette, vinyl, DVD and CD.

Paul Devens performed at Greylight Brussels, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Dani Performansa Varazdin, Al Ma'mal Jerusalem, Ravi Liège, LBB Maastricht, Z33 Hasselt, Experimental Intermedia New York, Raadiaator Tallinn, UH Fest Budapest, ctrl_alt_del Istanbul, OCA Oslo, etc.

<- photo: Alver Linnamägi, Raadiaator, Tallinn.

Storm, for live electronics and field recordings (concert)

2010 'Happy new Ears', Schunck* Heerlen (NL), Festival of Flanders, Kortrijk (Be).
First performed at the finissage of the John Cage exhibition at Schunck, loosely based upon 'Variations VII' and other compositions by John Cage. The time frame is based upon Cage's 'Indeterminacy. 28'00" or 29'00"' and the composition 'Twenty-nine for four percussionists, piano and strings (no violins)'.
'Storm, for live electronics and field recordings':
- an audience of 20 to 60, sitting on chairs
- a table with electronic equipment in front of them
- 4 big speakers and 2 subwoofers surrounding the audience
- 8 small speakers are under the chairs
- on the table: a laptop with modular synthesis software has patches for sampling, surround panning and synthesis
- a test-tone generator, connected to a horn speaker in front of the room, pointed towards the ceiling
- home-made electronics with 24 tone-generators, to be played with aluminum foil
- a Nord modular G2 rack - synthesizer
- 3 MIDI controllers
- an art piece from 1996 from the series of 'Models'; transforms graphic information to sound.
- visible: a video projection with a few lines of text and a timeline.


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