Radio as art; in all its diversity, this mass medium encompasses various disciplines and domains: music, spoken word, soundscape, stories and reports, field recordings, and other sound art, all in conjunction with diffusion into presumed private listening situations at people's homes or on the go.

A performance or concert can be attended by a participating audience, allowing for interaction. The separation between the audience and the performers is fluid. There may or may not be a blending of roles between the act and the visitor in terms of intention. Such a situation relates differently to the radio listener who listens to it behind a proverbial screen. The sound information reaching the listener is also disconnected from its source and inherently disembodied. Imagination then has room to play in the listener's experience.

After incidental radio projects like 'Radio Wavings' broadcasted from Bureau Europa, for L1 and RTV Maastricht (local and regional stations), it became a reoccurring embodiment in radio art.

'Circumstantial Radio' debuted as 'Électromagnétique Mobile' in 2018 at the Off program of the Dak'Art Biennial in Dakar, Senegal - with Simone Schuffelen, Nika Schmitt, Eline Kersten and PD. Later, a semi-permanent radio station was founded at Instituto Buena Vista, Curaçao and being activated in 2018 and 2019. Mobile instances happened at Hoogcruts HX, Greylight Projects and B32; all in the Netherlands. The project is ongoing.


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Circumstantial Radio
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