‘Shift’ is an interactive sound-art installation.
It consists of three stretches of stainless steel shapes, next to the new path in front of the provincial government building.
The ten meter-long structures consist of segments. They are all open, except for six segments which contain parabolic, hollow shapes of cast aluminium.
A microphone and a loudspeaker are placed in each of these parabolas, enabling acoustic feedback or Larsen effect. This results in a complex of tones and overtones.
A computer activates one or more combinations of parabolas successively. One parabola after another is 'listening' to the next one. Passing visitors also have a fundamental effect on the development of the sound.
In this way these six cast aluminium shapes act as a network of communication beams, directed in a variety of diagonals across the footpath.
Through its soundscape, ‘Shift’ evokes a new space. The sounds correlate directly with its physical environment and the movements of people. Paradoxically, the sounds seem to withdraw from it at the same time, to follow an independent course.

Each element: 984 x 40 x 100 cm
Stainless steel construction holding cast aluminium parabolic disks, Arduino fan-less, solid state PC (software: Pure Data), 6-channel microphone and speaker system.


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Provincial Government building, Maastricht. (2012)
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