"Pavilion 3" merges the utopian-, artistic architecture and the utilitarian-, disciplinary build. At the former factory hall of the art institute of DordtYard an interpretation is constructed of Rietveld's "Sonsbeek pavilion", reduced and shaped to match the scale of social housing.

The three major walls from the design respectively move up- and down, according to a composed choreography; the visual definitions of the space become subject to change, as well as the acoustic behaviour. A system with audio-feedback- or Larssen effect emphasizes this.

The audience actively take part of the fluid architecture in which space, movement and sound becomes vocabulary.

Thanks: DortYard, Thomas Rutgers, MondriaanFund
Pavilion 3 (2014): Wood, Paint, Hacked electric winches, Arduino, Computer / Reaktor, 4 Speakers
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Pavilion 3

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Pavilion 3
DordtYard, Dordrecht. (2014)
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