The installation consists of acoustic panels that follow the contours of the roof vaulting, largely obstructing the view of the shell roof of the 'Wiebenga Hal'. The damping effect of these panels surpresses the space's sound reverb locally. The panels overlap and slide past one another, so that ever-changing patterns arise. With the assistance of loudspeakers, microphones and a computer, the so-called ‘Larsen effect’ (feedback) is generated and the space is transformed into a instrument, so that the experience of the Arched Hall consistently alters both acoustically and visually. The panels are both physically and dynamically equivalent to the resonance the unit generates.

.."Symposium: 'An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public'
The sonic-architectonic installation Panels also creates an exceptional setting for a symposium and a series of performances on space and sound. On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 October, various artists, theorists and architects will give lectures and performances in the middle of the installation.

Participants in the symposium will include Justin Bennett (NL/GB, sound artist/composer), Karin Bijsterveld (NL, historian/Professor of Science, Technology and Modern Culture at the University of Maastricht), Emre Erkal (TR, architect/sound artist), Raviv Ganchrow (NL/IL, architect/sound artist), Brandon Labelle (DE/US, artist/composer/writer), Wim Langenhoff (NL, chemist/musician/founder of The New Electric Chamber Music), Eran Sachs (IL/DE, curator/sound artist/composer), Janek Schaeffer (GB, sound artist/musician/composer), Basak Senova (TR, curator/writer/designer), Kees Tazelaar (NL, composer/head of the Institute for Sonology in The Hague), and Esther Venrooy (BE/NL, sound artist/composer). .."

5000 x 1623 x 334 cm
Steel and aluminium construction, wooden panels, sound-absorbing foam, motors, Mac Pro (software: Reaktor), 16-channel microphone- and speaker system.

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NAiM/Bureau Europa, Maastricht. (2010)
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