Storm, for live electronics and fieldrecordings

Concert at Schunck* Heerlen (NL), November 27, 2010. 'Happy New Ears' - at the finissage of the John Cage exhibition.
Camera: Ronald Huygen. Storm is also performed at the Festival of Flanders, Kortrijk.

- an audience of 20 to 60, sitting on chairs
- a table with electronic equipment in front of them
- 4 big speakers and 2 subs surrounds the audience
- 8 small speakers are under the chairs
- one horn speaker is in front of the room, pointed towards the ceiling
- on the table: a laptop with modular synthesis software has patches for sampling, surround panning and synthesis
- a test-tone generator is fed to the horn speaker
- home-made electronics with 24 tone-generators, to be played with aluminiumfoil
- a nord modular g2 rack - synth
- 3 midicontrollers
- an art piece from 1996 from the series of 'models', transforms graphic information to sound
- visible: a videoprojection with a few lines of text and a time-line
- and 29 minutes at hand


Storm, for live electronics and fieldrecordings from Paul Devens on Vimeo.