Kendo Bahn Orchestra (2009 - )

Roy Moonen / Paul Devens

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Named after the illustrious inventor of the detector for metal fatigue on long stretches of iron-composite, the Kendo Bahn Orchestra was founded. Coming from different backgrounds, the two members of the Kendo Bahn Orchestra excel in combining the sheer speed of metal, the limitlessness of free floating improvisations and a vast selection of electronic and digital processed sounds. The Kendo Bahn Orchestra is a shared project where an emerging drummer, already played at a range of international stages in different bands, meet an electro-experimentalist, profiling internationally in sonic arts. A language in sound and composition is being invented live in front of the audience, but always is energetic, dynamic and a bit frantic. Perhaps not the best answer to counter the everyday stress of an e-industrialized and globalized life, maybe even more chaos is added, but for sure the Kendo Bahn Orchestra will supply you a maximum surplus of dysfunctional energy!