City Chase (Kortrijk 2011. Festival van Vlaanderen / Festival of Flanders / Resonance, European network for soundart. Will travel to November Music, Den Bosch, Intro In Situ, Maastricht, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Lydgalleriet, Bergen)

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In installations like 'City Chase' I invite the audience to enter a custom-made space or another environment that conditions the 'hearing'-position. Usually a multiple channel sound-installation is used to extend directional qualities in the acoustics. In these works, previous made fieldrecordings form the bases. also these recording-processes can be treated in a special way.
In 'City Chase' I record sounds while biking through cities. Like at the first occasion in the city of Kortrijk and the outskirts: no 'focus' appears in the recordings. The origen of sounds always transits from one source to another. In the installation the audience hears these prerecorded sounds only when the speakers move. There are four rails with one speaker on each of them. Computer-controlled motors move them according to my 'choreography'. The rails and benches are almost 10 meters long, flexible in length according to the next exhibition spaces.

city chase