On The Edge Of The Park, 2006 / 2007

sound composition for the exhibition: “The man who fell to earth”, CareOf, Milan
03’59” DVD dolby surround

“On the edge of the park” is a high-energy sound composition for five speakers and one subwoofer. Besides the absence of images, it relates to a great extent to cinematic sound-design: played on a high volume, it aims at a specific emotional impact, which could be seen in the contemporary tradition of spectacular films and its effects. As a consequence, we are receptive because of its embedment in the common awareness of western culture. At a distance, even a more specific relation to cinema could be seen; the title is partly taken from the film: “The House on the Edge of the Park” (“La Casa sperduta nel parco”) of the Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato. This controversial film seems to issue its position in the public- and ruling moral and the dictating role of mass media; even as a reaction against these institutions, it makes its controversiality exclusively dependent to it and play the market from there. Thus, a maybe elementary difference shows here too; European cinema against Hollywood, which conforms much more in line with the ruling moral and to commercial success.

Another lead from the title comes from “..on the edge..”. This resonates with the outsider-position; usually the position of the criticaster / artist. You could say being on ‘the edge’ is the only position where art really means something. “..the park..”, of course, is a soothing enclave of relative oblivion..

The sound composition “On the Edge of the Park” researches the relation of ‘spectacular aesthetics’ with actual content by using a DIY strategy to gain independency and authenticity and accordingly, to create an alternative reality.