hide, seek, search and error, 10'25", 2007

The title resonates in between children’s play and a grown-up reality; about the characterization of friends against enemies, them and us, competition and strategy. Taken this image a bit further, reality mixes up with ‘sub-reality’, like in movie and television (domain of ‘play’). For instance, the blockbuster TV-series of “24” deals in a undisputable and indistinctive image of the Muslim / terrorist. The absence of a real opposite discourse –it’s a show, its fake, so no opposition needs to be taken – makes it easy to nest in the sub-consciousness of the audience (domain of ‘reality’). Together with other reasons, this sells the “war on terrorism” in the public opinion.

“Hide, seek, search and error” is a sound composition like a soundtrack to accompany act and action. More than that “Hide, seek, search and error” follows its own course and functionality. It is located into the ‘art’ realm and even when it tries to be engaged with a political actuality, it is of almost no influence. Almost like a withdrawal from spectatorship, the artist (me) finds the drive from the matter itself. But from this relative elite position (the arts), freedom of uselessness is possible. To some extend it links to society, but more important, it attempts to present an alternative.