Haut Parleur, august 2005 for Acústicas del Control (Zeppelin, Caos Sonoscope, Barcelona)

Haut Parleur is the French word for loudspeaker but literally it also means ‘high-‘ or ‘tall-‘ and ‘-speaker’. Within the meaning of these words a hierarchy is current; a message is broadcasted in one-way over an intrinsically dumb audience, preferably from a height. The loudspeaker is been used from history up to now as a grateful instrument to control and communicate. As a vehicle for power. I regard this invention and its applications one of the landmarks in mass-communication technology and its effect in the contemporary society.
Haut Parleur reflects urban life and its energy. In this composition I used different acoustic effects to create distance and close-ups, illusion of big and small spaces in a fast sequence. Some of the electric sounds have a vague reminiscence to signals or to existing sound bytes from everyday life.
All of the sounds used in this composition are made in a live recording session with a home made analogue device (24 oscillators with the NE 741) and a specific designed virtual effect-module in Reaktor (mac g4, 1gHz). The post production was done with Pro Tools 6.7 audio-multitracker and Digidesign 002 hardware.