'Folly 2 / Igman Hotel' addresses the failure and the collapse of political systems and the subsequent human tragedies that are increasingly present today.

The installation is inspired by a hotel, originally built in 1982 - 83 by Ahmed Dżuviç for the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic winter games. During the Bosnian war of 1992 - 1995, the hotel was heavily damaged and set on fire. Now, as a silent witness, the concrete structure still offers a glimpse into the optimism of the Yugoslavian modernist architecture of passed times.

In the installation, by means of power-driven mechanics controlled by an Arduino mini computer, a mock-up of the Igman Hotel is subjected to a composed movement: it slowly collapses and, after a while, rises again automatically.
This programmed choreography takes about 10 minutes.

'Folly 2 / Igman Hotel' is in the collection of *Schunck, Heerlen (NL)

2x 122x244x125 cm. Plywood, steel cable, geared electric motor, Arduino.
Thank you: Clemens Mairhofer, Sebastian Six, bb15 Linz, Guus van den Akker


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Folly 2 / Igman Hotel
bb15, Linz. (2016)
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