From cell to cell, from a technical space to the general space, sound seem to move around in wing B of the former prison Wolvenplein. This sound is generated on the spot and consists partly out of the chatting voices of the visitors, air conditioning noises, etc. Every cell, every space has its own acoustics and become an instrument among the others within the totality of a sound-composition.

According to the technique, a tribute to the work of Alvin Lucier is at place: an occurring sound is being recorded - automatically. Then, after ten seconds, it's been played back in the same space and re-recorded again. This happens over and over: the original sound disappears and the resonances and the acoustics take over. Next to this process, an order in sequence is being followed as WiFi is interconnecting the eight separate units.

The hijacking of sounds by the acoustics of the architecture, together with the act of recording within the disciplinary structure of the prison expresses the technology of control.

Bucket Brigade Attack:
1) The formation of a bucket brigade is a way to search and excavate collapsed building sites by passing the rubble from hand to hand in a provisional queue. Once, this was the way of putting out fire by handing over buckets of water in a line.
This has a similarity to the lesser physical (and serious) 'Telephone Game' or 'Chinese Whispers', whereat information is passed from person to person. During its course this information is subjected to alteration, distortion and other biased influences.
2) A bucket brigade memory is an analogue device to delay and store electronic audio. This was used in echo-machines and other psycho-acoustic effects from around the 1970-ies and 1980-ies.
3) Bucket Brigade Attack, also known as Man-In-The-Middle-Attack (MITMA): a method of hacking a secure WiFi network by faking a genuine node.

Eight Units, each: condenser microphone, audio interface, Raspberry Pi open source computer, Supercollider software, WiFi interface, active speaker, aluminum brackets, PFE housing.
Bucket Brigade Attack at 'Hacking Habitat', Utrecht, February 26 - June 6, 2016
Thanks to: Stelios Manousakis, Ine Gevers and her team

Bucket Brigade Attack

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Bucket Brigade Attack
Hacking Habitat, Utrecht. (2016)
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